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Specialized Foster Care Level V Program

The Children's Home of Reading's Specialized Foster Care Level V Program (SFC V) provides an alternative to institutional, residential and group home care for youth who exhibit sexually acting out/reactive/abusing behaviors and are considered appropriate to stay within a community setting. This is accomplished through the utilization of a host home model that limits the number of clients in the resource home to one, provides increased training, supervision and support to the host parents while simultaneously providing in-biological home services.

Target Population:

  1. Age 12- 18 years of age and not an emancipated minor
  2. Have significant impairments in functioning within the family and/or among peers as exhibited by sexually acting out/reactive/abusing behaviors.
  3. The behaviors warrant out-of-home placement and cannot be effectively addressed through a lower level of care.
  4. A history of failed treatment efforts and/or multiple failed placements

Youth who exhibit any of the following are not appropriate for the service:

  1. Developmental disabilities that would interfere with understanding point and level system and treatment.
  2. An IQ under 70
  3. Acutely suicidal, homicidal, or psychotic behavior
  4. Primary concern is substance abuse and/or fire setting

Services Provided:

A Treatment Team works collaboratively to utilize trauma specific interventions and cognitive behavioral techniques to assist the client in healing and reframing their impaired thought patterns. The self-esteem of clients is enhanced through the team promoting and modeling a positive self-imagine.

Team Members and their functions:

  • A CHOR Specialized Foster Care staff member is on call 24/7 for support and assistance.
  • A CHOR Specialized Foster Care Level V staff member will contact the Host Home parents daily to obtain information about the youth’s behavior and offer support and guidance to the Host Home parent to assist in managing the youth’s behavior.
  • Host parents participate in pre-training and on-going training dedicated to promoting their understanding of sexually abusive behaviors and to guide their response to this specialized population. Specific trainings related to hosting a sexually abusive youth include: therapeutic treatment terms (to ensure common language amongst members of the team), normative vs. atypical sexual behaviors, safety plans, sexual history, Pathways, grooming behaviors, offense cycles, relapse prevention plan, informed supervision, and boundaries (setting, violations, typical reasons for violations, responses to violations).
  • Additional training is made available to aid treatment with specific problems presented by clients.